Ellie Koerner Leukemia Foundation

Ellie Koerner The mission of the Ellie Koerner Leukemia Foundation is to provide assistance and comfort for other families like ours, especially for those who may not have the support system we have been blessed with. We firmly believe that disease in a child is best fought when the entire family is armed and supported to resist it. This means supporting and doing thousands of things large and small that collectively make a difference. An example of how we will be “giving back” is in the form of providing meals for families, on a scheduled basis to the oncology floor at CHOP, where families spend weeks at a time at
the hospital during a single admission. Another example may be to provide entertainment for the children at CHOP, as the days spent in isolation on the oncology floor can be grueling.
As important as treatment is in the management of the disease of leukemia, it's also equally important to make families and patients alike as comfortable as possible--and to provide glimmers of sunshine and a break from the rigors of the hospital routine. If you could have seen the joy in the children’s eyes on Christmas day when Santa visited, or witnessed the renewed vitality in parents who otherwise are forced to spend long days and nights in hospital vigils, you would realize why this program is so important to us.
These “gifts” to us were made possible by charitable organizations such as ours. It is through your support that we will be able to help brighten the days of the brave kids who have already endured more than most of us suffer in a lifetime. In addition, we will be able to provide financial assistance to local families stricken with this disease, in the form of donations made to the Voorhees division of CHOP, where Ellie receives her chemotherapy treatments.

To say “thank you” is not even a drop in the bucket that could try to begin to express our appreciation for your support today. We felt so loved and “taken care of” by all of you immediately upon Ellie’s diagnosis. We had phone calls, cards, emails, prayer chains, and food practically waiting for us before we even got out of the emergency room. Cancer takes such a mental toll on the whole family, and without your encouragement, it is hard to say how even more unbearable these days would be. It is from the bottom of our hearts that we need you to know how grateful we are for your continued support , and for believing in our “tuff girl”. You’ve made us realize we are not fighting this fight alone, and we will get through this…together.

Ellie is currently in remission and is expected to make a full recovery with treatments ending in March 2010. Ellie will be considered "cured" in 2015. We truly appreciate your unending support during this difficult time of our lives.


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