Ellie Koerner Leukemia Foundation

Ellie Koerner The Ellie Koerner Leukemia Foundation is quickly approaching its four year anniversary. 4 years ago, our oldest baby, Ellie, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). Talk about your world coming to a screeching halt….

Through the devastation and chemotherapy treatments, we’ve been surrounded by our close friends, families, and strangers alike…all with intentions of helping us, and families like ours with children with cancer. Ellie’s Leukemia Foundation started out with various individual donations from local families and businesses.

In March 2008, a benefit was organized by Ellie’s preschool, Beacon Academy, at Dave & Buster’s in Philadelphia, PA with over 600 of our closest friends and family! From there, we have had many generous events held in Ellie’s honor to support our cause. We’ve been able to reach out to so many families through our foundation, which ends up coming back to helping us heal, mentally.


Remington and Vernick's Annual Charity
Bowling Event

Saturday, April 21, 2012

30 Strikes in Stratford, NJ

The proceeds from the event are split evenly among 5 different local charities, one of them being the Ellie Koerner Leukemia Foundation
Last year over 1600 people came out in support of five great causes. 
Click here for the sign-up sheet. The donation is only $20 per person which includes bowling, shoes, food and drink.  Send completed sheets DIRECTLY to the address on there as they assign lanes for the event.

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